We are doing our part to preserve the planet.  Using environmentally responsible building materials is just one of many things we have done to “green” our buildings.  Additional enhancements include:  energy efficient lighting, low VOC paint and stains, formaldehyde-free acoustic ceiling tiles, natural cleaning agents, and a premium rain harvesting landscape irrigation system, just to name a few.

Air Quality

We have made every effort to create a safe and healthy work environment free of chemicals, unhealthy fumes, particles, and biological contaminates in all of our buildings.  Our air quality, ventilation  and air distribution rates exceed EPA guidelines.  Our exclusive use of environmentally responsible cleaning agents means it’s safe for us as well as our planet.  The CDC states “good indoor air quality enhances occupant health, comfort, and workplace productivity,” and we’re committed to providing you with a pleasant and productive atmosphere.


Solar Energy

As part of our “green” initiative, a solar energy system has been installed on the roof of the Loft Office Building and the Technology Center.  Our solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.  They require very little maintenance, and produce renewable energy from the sun, an inexhaustible natural energy source.  Solar panels function quietly and efficiently without releasing emissions, and without using coal, oil or water.  Our solar energy system allows building occupants to reduce the amount of conventional power purchased through local utility providers, and helps reduce reliance on non-renewable energy.  It provides usable power in a leading edge workplace, and helps us do our share to improve the environment.

Energy Efficient Roof

Our high-performance roof provides R-28 sustained sun reflectivity, which significantly reduces the energy requirements and improves the energy efficiency of our buildings in any climate.  Unlike a metal roof, the 50 millimeter thermoplastic membrane protects our buildings against harsh weather extremes, ice build-up, rust, and corrosion that compromise a metal roof’s integrity.  This energy efficient roof minimizes the impact on the earth’s environment through the reduction of energy use.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have soared in the past few years, and we have an on site Level 2 EV charging station in support of such clean energy adoption.  The AeroVironment TurboCord is UL certified, safe, and easy to use.  The 240 Volt TurboCord charges nearly three times faster than a Level 1 charger, and has been compatibility tested on all major EV brands.  This complimentary service enables our tenants and employees to quickly and conveniently charge their electric vehicles right in our parking lot.

Rainwater Harvesting

In an effort to save our shrinking water supply, our organic courtyard is irrigated by rainwater in a 3,000 gallon cistern.  As rainwater travels through the downspouts, it is collected in the cistern, where it is stored until the irrigation system is automatically engaged.  This system provides the courtyard with adequate water to allow all of the plants to flourish while preserving the earth’s potable water supply.